Smartphones have become a crucial aspect of our lives in the digital age. From communication to commerce to leisure, there is an app for practically everything. But did you know that you can also earn money and other rewards through a refer and earn program by referring apps to your friends and family?

Refer-and-earn apps in India have become quite popular since they give users the chance to earn amazing rewards by referring others. You can earn anywhere between ₹150 to up to ₹10,000 per referral on these top refer and earn apps without any investment. In this article, we’ll look at some of the highest-paying refer and earn apps available in India that can open up a world of chances for earning rewards and money.

Here’s a list of the Best Money Earning Apps to earn money daily.

Types of Refer and Earn Apps

There are multiple high paying refer and earn apps through which you can earn money. Below are the most popular types of refer and earn apps in India that pay the highest bonuses:

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps such as MPL Pro not only offer users the chance to earn money by playing games online but also have referral programs in place. The refer and earn program of these apps rewards users for referring friends and family to download the app. For instance, MPL Pro is a gaming app where you can earn up to ₹10,000 per referral.

Play Real Money Games on MPL & Win up to ₹30 Cr* Daily Winnings

Cashback Apps

Cashback apps like Swagbucks reward users for making purchases through the app. The refer-and-earn program offered by these apps usually rewards users who get other users to download the app.

Online Shopping Apps

Users of online shopping apps such as Meesho have the opportunity to refer and earn money by referring friends to use the app. Most online shopping apps, too, have a refer and earn program in place that rewards users for getting friends and family to download and use the app.

Payment Apps

Payment apps such as Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe also offer exciting refer and earn programs to their users for making money on their apps. You can share a referral code with your friends and family and get them to download these apps. You can earn between ₹150 to ₹300 per referral on payment apps such as Paytm and GooglePay.

Rewards Apps

Rewards apps such as Google Opinion Rewards offer users discounts, gift cards, incentives, etc., for completing tasks, watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games. These apps also offer a refer-and-earn program for every successful referral on the app.

Survey Apps

Users of survey apps like Taskbucks also have the opportunity to earn money by completing surveys. Most of these apps have a refer-and-earn program that pays users for referring new users to download and use the app to complete surveys.

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Why are Refer & Earn Apps Good?

Refer and Earn apps have gained popularity for several reasons, making them a good option for users looking to earn rewards and money. Here are some key reasons why Refer and Earn apps are good:

Easy Way to Earn Rewards

Refer and Earn apps provide an easy way to earn money. You can earn cash back, gift cards, points, or other rewards by inviting your friends, family, or acquaintances to join the app or perform certain actions. This process requires minimal effort, making it an attractive option for users.

Supplementary Income Opportunities

Some refer-and-earn apps in India go beyond offering rewards and providing additional income opportunities. For instance, reselling platforms enable users to start their own online businesses and earn commissions on sales generated through their referrals. These apps offer a flexible way to supplement income or explore entrepreneurship.

Variety of Rewards

Refer and Earn apps offer a variety of rewards, catering to different user preferences. These rewards can include cashback, gift vouchers, coupons, discounts, exclusive access to features or events, virtual currency, and more. Users have the freedom to choose rewards that align with their interests and needs, enhancing the overall appeal of these apps.

Community Building and Engagement

Refer and Earn apps foster a sense of community among users. By inviting friends and family to join the app, users can engage in shared experiences and discussions related to the app’s features, rewards, and benefits. This community-building aspect enhances user engagement, loyalty, and overall satisfaction.

Leveraging Personal Networks

Refer and Earn apps leverage the power of personal networks. Instead of relying on traditional advertising methods, these apps rely on word-of-mouth marketing, where existing users share their positive experiences with friends and family. This creates a win-win situation as you can earn rewards while the app gains new users.

List of 30 Best Paying Refer and Earn Apps in India – Earn Cash Without Investment

Refer and Earn AppReferral Rewards
MPL ProBest Refer and Earn App for up to ₹10,000/Referral
Amazon PayEarn up to Rs 75 per referral
Upstox Refer and EarnRefer and Earn Up to Rs 600
MeeshoRefer and Earn ₹1000
ySenseEarn up to $50 per task and $5 per survey
Paytm Money Refer and Earn ₹300
IIFL SecuritiesEarn up to Rs 500
PhonePeEarn up to Rs 150
Zerodha300 reward points per referral
CubberRefer and Earn ₹50
Google PayRefer and Earn ₹81/referral
CREDEarn up to Rs 100 per referral
TaskBucksEarn Up to Rs 25 Per Friend
RozDhan Earn up to Rs 50 Sign Up Bonus
FreeChargeRefer and Earn up to Rs 5000 Cashback
GrowwEarn up to ₹1000
Pocket MoneyRefer and Earn up to Rs 160 Daily
EarnKaro10% of referral’s earnings for lifetime
My11CircleRefer and Earn up to Rs 551
mCent BrowserRefer and Earn up to Rs 40
MobikwikRefer and Earn ₹75
5Paisa₹200 referral credit & 12.5% brokerage
WinzoEarn up to Rs 55 on every referral
EarnEasyEarn up to Rs 50 on every referral
BigCashRefer and Earn ₹100
Vision11Refer & Earn Rs 100 and 20% commission lifetime
CoinSwitch KuberEarn BTC worth up to 400 INR on every referral
11 Challengers20% of referral’s earnings for a lifetime
ZupeeEarn up to Rs 100 on every referral
ZET (Previously OneCode)Get ₹25 Bonus on every referral and 10% of referral’s earnings for a lifetime

1) MPL Pro – Best Refer and Earn App for up to ₹10,000/Referral

MPL Pro (Mobile Premier League) app is the best refer and earn app in India as it offers up to ₹10,000 on every referral. MPL is a gaming platform where you can play games and earn money such as Poker, Ludo, Rummy, Call Break, Win Patti, Fantasy Cricket, etc and win cash prizes. The app offers daily cash winnings up to ₹30 Cr*.

The MPL app has a referral program in place where you can earn up to Rs 10,000 on every successful referral when you get friends and family to play on the app. The app also offers cashback to you and your friend when they make their first deposit on the app.

Play MPL Rummy and Earn Up To ₹30 Cr*

MPL Referrals

As already mentioned, with MPL, you can earn up to ₹10,000 per friend through their refer and earn program. What’s more, is that both you and your friend will get ₹5 on Sign up, and you both will get a 5% Cashback when your friend makes the first deposit on the app of up to ₹50 each. There’s also an extra 25% Cashback or up to ₹10,000 MPL Coins per friend as a reward when your referral plays cash games while the friend gets 15% of their margin back.

How to refer a friend on MPL?

  • On the MPL App, tap on the Refer & Earn icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Copy the referral code and share it via WhatsApp or Facebook, or other social media apps with your friends
  • Get your friends to download MPL and sign up to earn cash
  • You will get ₹75 per referral for every successful referral


  • MPL Pro provides more than 60+ gaming options and variations that are available for free
  • It offers exciting cash contests and tournaments where you can participate and win amazing prizes.
  • MPL is a secured, legalized platform that protects the user’s privacy
  • It provides multiple payment options for withdrawing the winnings


  • Slow servers are the main issue that people have encountered with MPL Pro
  • A smooth gaming experience requires a stable internet connection

2) Amazon Pay – Get Rs 25 per Referral

The largest online retail store in the world, Amazon offers one of the best refer and earn programs for Amazon Pay. The app will not only reward you with points for referrals but also offers cashback for buying products on the app.  Amazon Pay offers an instant and secure checkout method. Millions of users use Amazon on a daily basis across the world.

When you invite a friend to download the Amazon app and sign up for Amazon Pay using your referral code, you will get Rs 25 in your Amazon Pay wallet. You will need to link your bank account with Amazon Pay.


  • Amazon Pay prevents the hassle of taking out a debit card every time for a purchase
  • It allows the gift voucher to be added to your account and reflected in your Amazon Pay balance
  • An Amazon Pay Later feature enables you to buy items from the Amazon website and make payment later


  • A good internet connection is required for Amazon Pay to operate
  • The cashback value in Amazon Pay is much less
  • It is not compatible with all the shopping platforms

3) Upstox – Earn up to ₹600

The Upstox app is for trading mutual funds and stocks in India’s capital markets. You can take part in Upstox’s refer and earn program by signing up for the Upstox referral link service and informing your friends about the referral URL. Upstox offers each participant a referral commission of up to ₹600 for inviting friends on the app.

Follow the guidelines and upload the required documents to set up an investment account on the Upstox app. Once you have created your account and uploaded the necessary documents, you can navigate to the profile icon on the dashboard. Share the referral link with your friends and family.


  • Upstox provides you with multiple investment options
  • It follows a straightforward account-opening process
  • You can quickly shift between two modes


  • No brokerage-free equity is provided
  • No NRI trading account is provided
  • The margin funding feature is also not available or active

4) Meesho – Get 25% of Sales on Referral’s First Three Orders

Meesho is amongst the top refer and earn apps in India to earn money by reselling products and referring friends. This top reselling app enables drop shipping of goods.

When you share the referral link with your friends and get them to download the app, you will earn money when they make purchases on the app. You can also sell Meesho’s products and makeup for ₹25,000 every month and earn money.

So, you can download the Meesho app from the Play Store or App Store and create an account. You can share the link with your friends through the Refer & Earn option and earn 25% of sales on your referral’s first three orders.


  • It provides a free cash-on-delivery option
  • You can open your business on Meesho with almost no investment
  • The application is highly user-friendly
  • You will find a range of products and items at a meagre cost


  • It is highly competitive
  • Meesho’s return and refund policy is stringent

Poor customer support team

5) ySense –  30% Incentive Per referral

Users can also earn money on ySense by installing programmes through ySense offers, watching movies, and signing up for other websites. One of ySense’s best features is that there is no charge to do surveys or play games there. You can utilise this programme and earn a good amount of money without investment because it is entirely free.

ySense is one of the best refer and earn apps in India, as it offers the opportunity to conduct surveys and make money by referring users to their website or app. The referral program of the app offers a 30% incentive for every successful referral.


  • A referral on ySense can get you 10 to 30 cents
  • You can get your cash through multiple accounts, including PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Skrill, etc.
  • You can join YSense for free


  • It is not suitable for a full-time job
  • It gets challenging to qualify for surveys

YSense has a minimal pay feature

6) Paytm Money – Refer and Earn ₹300

Paytm is one of the top refer and earn apps in India 2023. Almost every person with a smartphone has the Paytm app installed on their phone to make UPI payments. The Paytm app enables users to pay their bills, book flight or train tickets, make UPI payments, and much more. Additionally, the app also has a Refer and Earn program in place for its users.

If you refer friends on the app, you can earn up to ₹10,000 on referrals when your friends join Paytm. You will earn ₹100 for every successful referral. Even your referrals will receive a guaranteed cashback reward when they make their first UPI money transfer on the app.


  • This trading platform is simple to use and user-friendly
  • It provides you with a quick account-opening facility
  • You can earn an extra 1% return through the direct MF platform
  • The pricing model is straightforward


  • It has poor customer service
  • Investment experience is not good and friendly

Account opening and KYC fees are charged

7) IIFL Securities – Earn up to ₹500

A full-service stockbroking company with headquarters in India, IIFL Securities offers institutional and retail clients a variety of financial services, including equity and commodity broking, portfolio management, mutual funds, insurance, fixed deposits, and initial public offerings (IPOs). On this app, you can earn up to ₹500 for referring friends on the app and getting them to sign up. 


  • Provides 20+ investment categories to choose from
  • The trading facility is up to 4 times the margin
  • Offers tailor-made management 
  • Financial advice and tips  based on your risk profile


  • IIFL Securities margin funding is provided to the customers without any notice
  • It lacks banking certification
  • Direct mutual fund is not given

8) PhonePe – Earn Guaranteed Flat ₹75

Like the Paytm app, the digital payment app, Phonepe, was developed in India by the online retailer Flipkart. The PhonePe app enables users to use wallets, credit/debit cards, UPI, and other payment methods to make purchases using their smartphones. Additionally, it offers users services including bill payment, recharge, and money transfers.

Upon referring friends and family on this app, users can earn a guaranteed flat ₹75 each time a referral adds their UPI details on the app.


  • PhonePay helps you to make payments easily 
  • You can add multiple bank accounts
  • You get a scratch card as a reward whenever you make a payment on the app
  • The customer support is excellent


  • It lacks secure login features that include a PIN and password
  • Often encounters with technical bugs

You do not get any refund for canceling, for instance, if you are booking travel tickets.

9) Zerodha – Earn 300 Reward Points

The largest stockbroker in India, Zerodha is an Indian financial services company that was also the first to allow retail investors to trade in financial goods like stocks, commodities, and mutual funds through an online trading platform. Investors can choose from a wide range of services offered by Zerodha, such as margin trading, analysis tools, portfolio management, and research.

Using Zerodha’s Refer and Earn Program, you can refer and earn money with a flat 10% return on the brokerage that your referrals pay on the platform. With every successful referral, you will get 300 reward points, which may be used on the app in a number of ways.


  • One of the most reliable and safe platforms
  • Offers advanced online trading tools
  • Online accounts can be opened quickly
  • Low brokerage fee


  • You do not get any valuable tips, research reports, or recommendations
  • Monthly limitless trading plans are not applicable
  • Lifetime limitless or unlimited demat account plans are also not provided

10) Cubber – Get ₹30 cashback

Cubber is one of the best refer and earn apps where you can earn more benefits than only referral bonuses. it is a socioeconomic digital payment app where you can make payments, buy tickets, shop, etc. You can use the Cubber app to pay bills and recharge your phone to receive exciting cashback.

Once you download the Cubber app, you can create an account and spin the wheel to earn up to ₹1000. You can also share the referral link with your friends and get them to download the app, and you will get ₹30 cashback when your referral places their Cubber Pay Card first order.


  • Enables utility payments
  • Create a virtual credit card on the app
  • Allows you to buy tickets for amusements and events


  • It does not allow you to earn many referrals
  • Merchant partnerships are limited
  • Customer reviews are not very effective

11) Google Pay – Refer and Earn ₹125

Google Pay is another most used digital payments app in India and is also one of the best refer and earn apps. On this app, you can earn ₹125 per referral, and even your referrals can earn ₹21 when they join the app with your referral code.

You can earn up to 100 referral rewards on Google Pay when you invite friends to the app. Once your referral makes their first payment, both you and your referral will get a reward.

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  • Google Pay is compatible with all kinds of devices
  • Records incoming and outgoing payments
  • Lucrative cash back and rewards


  • It restricts certain bank accounts
  • Google Pay is not accepted in all countries
  • Bank transfers are usually slow in progress

12) CRED – Refer and Earn up to ₹1000

CRED is a members-only credit card bill payment app that rewards users for making timely credit card bill payments. The app also provides special deals and premium experiences to its members.

You can use this app for managing multiple credit cards and also get an analysis of their credit score. You can join the CRED app only through an invitation from one of the members of CRED. Users can earn up to ₹1,000 through the CRED refer and earn program for recommending its services to other eligible members, and the referrals also get ₹250 when they pay.


  • CRED can provide quick cash in times of emergency
  • The interest rate is meagre
  • The credit limit is immensely high
  • The chances of credit card approval and loan approval increase


  • No reward points are provided to users
  • If you make any CRED transactions, you are likely to pay relatively high charges

It does not come with free interest

13) TaskBucks – Get Upto Rs 25 Per Friend

TaskBucks is one of the most well-known refer-and-earn apps in the market and it offers numerous ways to earn money. There are multiple ways you can make money with TaskBucks. Whether you enjoy answering questions, downloading new games and apps, completing simple tasks, or simply recommending the app to friends, you can do it all on this app. Through the TaskBucks referral system, you can earn up to ₹25 each time you refer a friend on the app.


  • TaskBucks helps you earn money that you can use as PayTm cash, recharge your mobile, or pay bills
  • You can earn 100 rupees for every referral
  • You can even earn money by giving feedback


  • It restricts the log-out and profile update features
  • Frequently interrupted by advertisements
  • Income is not consistent

14) RozDhan – Get ₹12 On Every Referral

On the RozDhan app, you can earn free Paytm cash by watching videos, playing games, and reading interesting articles. You can earn ₹12 in your RozDhan account when you refer a friend. Additionally, you will also earn each time your friend uses the app to make a payment. You will get ₹50 when you create an account and ₹30 when you sign in for the first time. You can withdraw the earnings immediately through Paytm or UPI once you have a minimum balance of ₹200.


  • Offers 1250 coins for every referral.
  • Get reward points on every login
  • The account verification process is quite simple


  • You will not be able to earn much from the RozDhan app
  • It has a minimum payout of Rs. 200
  • It is unsuitable for individuals under 18 years of age and does not come with a license or certificate.

15) FreeCharge – Earn up to 5000 Cashback

Freecharge is a mobile recharge app that offers referral rewards. You can earn up to ₹30 per referral and use these referral earnings to recharge your mobile pack. Moreover, when you refer a friend on the platform and your referral makes their first transaction, both you and your referral will receive a reward. The app claims users can earn up to ₹5000 for referring friends and family on the platform.


  • With FreeCharge, you get an utterly stress-free payment facility
  • The portal for payment is secure
  • You get entitled to excellent offers 
  • With zero payment charges, you can make payments through UPI


  • The customer review platform is not effective
  • FreeCharge runs at a plodding speed
  • You can pay in advance with FreeCharge

16) Groww – Get up to 1,000

Groww is an online investment platform that enables users to invest in mutual funds, stocks, and other financial instruments. The app offers a variety of features, including portfolio management, tax optimization, real-time market data, and a user-friendly interface for managing investments.

Groww’s offers a referral program to its existing users who have already invested through the app. To earn money from the referral program of Groww, you will have to share the referral link with your friends and get them to sign up on the app using the same link. Users can earn up to ₹1,000 for referrals which is credited into the Groww Balance.


  • Diversification allows the risk to be reduced
  • This platform is very safe 
  • You get multiple investment options


  • The products that are required for investment purposes are restricted and limited.
  • Trade in commodity feature is not accessible
  • Tips-related stocks and research reports are not provided 

17) Pocket Money – Refer and Earn Rs.160 Daily

One of the most dependable apps to earn referral money is the Pocket Money app. You can just perform simple tasks such as watching videos, completing daily challenges, and playing games to earn mobile recharges and up to ₹500. Additionally, you receive ₹30 for every successful referral with a daily earning limit of ₹160.


  • The redemption process can be done using various methods
  • You have a variety of offers to choose from
  • The installation and registration process is hassle-free


  • This app provides a good offer only during the first installation process
  • Offers and rewards decrease once you become a continuous user
  • Includes plenty of advertisements that are pretty frustrating for the users

18) EarnKaro – Flat 10% lifetime Commission on Referrals’ Earnings

EarnKaro is India’s top affiliate marketing app where you can make easy money through affiliate marketing and promoting the latest deals. You can earn up to ₹30,000 per month by sharing deals from popular sites such as Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, etc.

This app offers you the opportunity to earn profit by referring your friends and family to shop using your referral link. Users can earn a flat 10% commission for lifetime on the earnings of referrals from the network.


  • Their website is simple and easy to use
  • You get to select from a wide range of brands and products
  • EarnKaro is highly user-friendly
  • It provides on-time payments


  • The track record takes two to three days to show
  • Profit confirmation takes around 30 to 90 days
  • They have fewer products

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19) My11Circle – Get ₹551 Per Referral

My11Circle is another one of the best refer apps where users can earn ₹551 per referral in your bank account. This app is a fantasy sports app to play onliine fantasy games and other games such as carrom, and rummy. You can instantly withdraw the referral earnings to your bank account.

Additionally, every time a new user uses your referral code to sign up and play on the app, the referral with get Rs 51. Share your referral link and get your referrals to earn an extra cash bonus of ₹100 in their wallet.


  • My11Circle provides you with real-time updates
  • It runs quite fast and is smooth
  • Chance to win real cash
  • All transactions are safe and secure


  • You can lose the money if you are not prepared for the competition
  • Setting up multiple teams is a time-consuming activity
  • The algorithm is not designed well

20) mCent Browser – Earn Rs 40 Per Referral

mCent Browser is similar to browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and UC. It is the first free recharge browser that enables users to recharge their talktime and data with up to Rs 199. You can also pay for your postpaid plans on this platform. Users can perform tasks, read the latest news, visit different sites, etc, to earn points and convert them into money.

Share your referral code with your friends, and you will get ₹40 per referral through the referral program of this app.


  • It provides you with points for browsing, which can be converted and transformed into real cash prizes
  • One thousand points in the MCent Browser are equal to 1 rupee
  • Referring can earn you 9,000 points, which is equal to 9 rupees


  • It does not provide as many points as it claims to
  • Payment processing is slow
  • There is also a chance of losing your data

21) MobiKwik – Earn up to Rs 5,000 SuperCash

MobiKwik is an online app that enables users to invest in stocks, mutual funds, digital gold, and other assets, as well as make online bank transfers and pay bills. The app has a referral programme in place where they offer a sign-up incentive of ₹50 and ₹20 for each referral if the person you referred starts referring others. Additionally, you will receive a Rs 100 payback in your wallet if you refer your friends and get them to use the MobiKwik wallet to transfer money to their banks.


  • It provides numerous cashbacks and offers
  • You can pay all your utility bills very conveniently


  • The user interface of MobiKwik is poor and not up to par
  • Customer support is not good enough
  • It has a limited merchant network

22) 5Paisa – Get ₹200 Referral Credit

5Paisa is the first listed Discount Broker of India that charges a single flat brokerage fee regardless of the product, size, or trading venue. One of the best features of this platform is the Demat account, which enables traders to deal in stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, and MCX commodities.

There is no account opening cost, however, there is a ₹10 fee for each completed mutual fund order investment. When your referral signs up on 5Paisa app, you will get a ₹200 Referral credit, a 12.5% brokerage sharing and other exciting rewards.


  • The charges are comparatively low
  • The customer is provided with a margin funding facility, and the customer pays only a part of the delivery
  • Provides a portfolio analyzer 
  • Offers various value-added packs


  • To maintain the account, you are required to spend money
  • As it is technology-driven, some people might find it confusing
  • It makes trading very tempting, where the investors do not think well before buying and selling an asset

23) Winzo – Earn Cash upto 55 Per Referral

Winzo is a popular online gaming app in India where users can play cash games and win real cash prizes. The app offers over 70 games, including fantasy, cards, racing, and arcade games.

The app has a referral system in place where users can earn cash up to ₹55 on every referral. You can also instantly withdraw your rewards via PayTM, UPI and Net Banking on this app.


  • Features an incredible gameplay technique
  • Enables users or players to withdraw cash instantly
  • It is a fair platform where no cheating is allowed or entertained.
  • It has RNG certification


  • Winzo’s customer service is not at all good
  • Most times bots are playing against players
  • The withdrawal amount does not always get credited to the bank account

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24) EarnEasy – Get ₹15 for Each Referral

EarnEasy is a popular referral app, and it’s easy to make money from it by completing simple tasks. The app offers simple tasks that you can complete to earn money. Users can earn ₹15 for each referral through the referral program of this app. You can withdraw the referral rewards to your bank account, Paytm wallet, or UPI account without any minimal withdrawal limit. New users also earn ₹50 when they sign up on the app.


  • It is a government-registered company
  • Payment is received directly into the bank account
  • It enables you to win unlimited cash almost daily
  • This application provides a smooth, easy, and stress-free experience


  • Though they claim that they provide rewards, none have been recorded as being given
  • You need to invite around 30 people to withdraw the minimum amount
  • The customer service team is not attentive

25) Big Cash – Get ₹15 Per Referral

Another gaming platform where users pay Rs 10 to play games and earn real money. You can play games like Fruit Chop, Bulb Smash, Basketball, Ice Blaster, etc, on this app.

Users can earn ₹15 for each referral through the referral program of this app. New users also get ₹10 incentive on signing up using Facebook. You can withdraw the earnings from your Paytm Wallet.


  • You can send and receive money without any fee
  • It will help you receive and make mobile payments
  • It also enables you to buy and sell bitcoin
  • The reimbursement process is very simplified


  • The customer service team is not polite
  • There is a limit when sending and receiving the amount during the initial 30 days
  • You cannot use Big Cash internationally

26) Vision11 – Get ₹100 bonus For Every Referral

From cricket to football, baseball to basketball, and even handball, Vision11 is a holistic gaming app. Play your preferred games to win real cash rewards. Additionally, you are eligible for a ₹100 bonus per referral to use as gaming credits if you invite your friends to join in the fun.

You will receive a 20% commission on each referral’s deposit, which will be deposited directly into your winning account.


  • Vision 11 provides 11 wonderful fantasy games
  • It enables the players to withdraw the amount immediately
  • You can create your team before beginning the match
  • Vision 11 is legal and certified


  • You must have the basic knowledge to start the Vision 11 contest
  • In the big event, the winning ratio is meagre
  • There are chances of multiple fake teams taking part

27) CoinSwitch Kuber – Earn BTC Worth up to ₹400

CoinSwitch Kuber is the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency trading app for trading in India. The platform offers 100 types of cryptocurrencies to trade in at the cheapest price.

The CoinSwitch Kuber referral program is one of the most loved programs by the app’s users. The app offers BTC worth up to ₹400 on every referral. You will also get BTC worth ₹50 when your referral successfully completes KYC Verification. Additionally, when your referral buys their first crypto, you get BTC worth ₹200 if the first crypto purchase is between ₹1000 to ₹4999.


  • Safe and secure platform
  • It enables users to buy 80+ cryptocurrencies
  • The user interface is straightforward


  • No leverage facility is provided
  • No facility for card deposits or withdrawals is available
  • You must trade using your capital, as Coinswitch Kuber does not provide an investment option

28) 11Challengers – Get 20% of Referral Winnings

11Challengers is a fantasy gaming app where you can create your own fantasy team and participate in live cricket, football, basketball, etc. You can play cash games on this app and earn real money. You can also make money through the referral program of the app.

The app offers a referral program where users can earn 20% commission on their referral’s cash game winnings. So download the app now, play your favorite sport, and invite friends through your referral code to earn money.


  • You get a referral bonus for a lifetime.
  • Entry fee is low
  • You get a bonus upon signing up
  • It has 24×7 customer support


  • This game requires skills
  • 11 Challengers is highly competitive

Not meant for beginners

29) Zupee – Earn ₹100 on Referral’s First Deposit

Zupee is another popular online gaming platform where you can participate in online quizzes and play games to earn money. You can choose from categories such as Math, Hinglish, Hollywood, Sports, etc, to answer quiz questions. You can also play the classic Ludo game on this app to win real cash.

Through the referral program of the app, share a referral code with your friends and family and get them to enjoy quizzes and games on the app. While new users will get a welcome bonus that they can use to play quizzes, you will get ₹100 when your referral makes their first deposit. You also get ₹5 when your friend signs up on the app.


  • It lets the players win real money
  • It is RNG-certified, which makes it a fair and safe platform
  • The user experience is excellent
  • You can play with Zupee anytime, even when you are traveling


  • The application is prolonged
  • You can be trapped with tough questions when you enter the amount of Rs. 500
  • It can also make you lose your money

Play MPL Ludo and win up to ₹30 Cr* Daily Winnings

30) ZET (Previously OneCode) – Earn ₹25 Bonus Per Referral

ZET is a fintech company that bridges the gap between partner brands and resellers to sell their financial products and services. On this app, users can earn huge amounts of money by simply bringing more users to join the app. The app provides a unique promo code or a discount code to each user through which the users earn a certain percentage of sales made.

The app has no membership cost, therefore, there is no investment required to join the app. You will earn incentives in your bank account or Paytm wallet when your referrals join the app. Users can earn ₹25 bonus on every referral and a 10% commission on the referral’s earnings for a lifetime.


  • It provides zero investment
  • You get trained by experts who are trained in the field
  • It provides unlimited earnings
  • It helps to make a quick payout


  • Proper identity verification is required
  • One encounters plenty of network errors
  •  Customer support lacks effectiveness

Refer and Earn App FAQs

What are refer & earn apps?

Apps that reward users for referring them to friends and family members are known as “refer and earn” apps. In most cases, these apps have a refer and earn program in place that rewards users with cash, gift cards, discounts, or other incentives in exchange for referring new users to download and use the app.

Which is the best refer and earn app?

The MPL Pro app is the best refer and earn app in India. MPL is one of the best online gaming apps in India that offers up to 10,000 per referral. Other popular refer and earn apps include Cred, Groww, Upstox, and Amazon Pay.

How to earn ₹1000 per day from mobile?

You can easily earn ₹1000 per day from refer and earn program on different apps on your mobile. Download refer and earn apps such as MPL, Upstox, Meesho, Zerodha, etc, refer your friends on the app, and you can earn money on every referral.

What money apps have referral bonus?

The best refer and earn apps that give the highest referral bonus include Upstox, IIFL Securities, Paytm Money, MPL Pro, Google Pay, and PhonePe. You can earn between ₹150 to ₹10,000 on these apps through referrals.

Can we get free recharges from refer and earn?

You can earn free recharges from refer and earn apps such as FreeCharge by referring your friends on the apps. When your friends download the referred app, you will get incentives on every referral. The money you will get will depend on the refer and earn app.

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