Ready to roll the dice and turn your Ludo skills into cold, hard cash? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’ve scouted the best Ludo pocket games in 2024, where winning isn’t just about bragging rights—it’s about stacking up those real cash.

We’re talking about the nail-biting Pocket Ludo real money earning games that can fatten up your wallet. Sounds interesting, right? Suppose your strategic moves earn you victory and real cash prizes that will make your friends envy your gaming prowess.

With basic rules, these ludo games are a beautiful masterpiece that comes locked in with modern features. This article will discuss the best ludo pocket games to play and what makes them stand out. So, without wasting your time, let us get to the topic and discuss it in detail. 

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What is Pocket Ludo?

As the name suggests, Pocket Ludo is any Ludo game that can be played on mobile. It’s like bringing the classic Indian board game, Ludo, straight to your pockets – through your mobile phones. There are four players, colorful tokens, and a cross-shaped board. It’s all about rolling the dice, crossing your fingers, and strategizing to hit the center before your buddies do.

The best part? You can play Pocket Ludo at your convenience without needing a physical board or dice. It’s got both solo and multiplayer modes, online or offline, plus cool features like achievements, leaderboards, and different themes. Perfect for chilling, challenging your family, and reliving the timeless fun of Ludo on your mobile!

Top 6 Ludo Pocket Apps in India

Pocket Ludo AppEarnings
MPL LudoUp to ₹1.5 Cr daily*
Ludo ClubUp to ₹10,000 daily
Ludo EmpireUp to ₹20,000 in cash prizes
Ludo Win CashNA
Ludo KingVirtual currency
Ludo SuperstarNA

Best Ludo Pocket App in India 2024 – MPL Ludo

Introducing the MPL pocket ludo app, considered one of the safest gaming platforms to play. You can win real cash up to ₹1.5 Crore daily* by playing real cash games on this app. All you need to do is introduce or launch cash games as you like: Ludo dice, Ludo 2 dice, and Ludo win. 

MPL is considered the most trusted and leading gaming platform, and this game’s three exciting levels are the cherry on top. Moreover, the app also offers a free-to-play lobby where you can play Pocket Ludo online absolutely free. It also provides you with the base, where you can select participants in the cash battles and, in return, earn money.

You can join tournaments and play with your friends and family to win real cash that can be easily withdrawn into your bank account. Fun graphics and a beautiful interface make the game more interesting.

MPL Ludo Games On Mobile

The MPL Ludo pocket game’s two most important aspects are Ludo Win and Ludo Dice. So let us explain these two below.

1. Ludo Win:

Ludo Win is another aspect of this lively game. This is one such segment that we guarantee that you have never played before. This section has three tokens where you can win with every move. 

But its twist makes it different from other pocket Ludo games. It comes with restricted moves, where you must aim to score more than the opponent.  You must devise a strategy and plan for this game to capture the bonus points and win over your opponent. You can also practice free games before plunging into the real money games. 

Pros of playing Ludo win:

  • You get to win exciting and fantastic cash prizes and rewards
  • It gives you a chance to win and prove your skills and win multiple cash prizes
  • The free practice session enables you to become an expert
  • You play with real players as you get matched with another player

Cons of playing Ludo Win:

  • The tournaments can get pretty long to play
  • You can get access to fewer bonuses over time
  • You cannot access the strength of your opponent.

2. Ludo Dice:

All the moves in this token depend upon the roll of the dice. This is somewhat similar to the traditional Ludo. Every movement is determined and is based on the number on the dice. The main objective of ludo dice is to defeat your opponent. Get a higher score than the opponent and win the game. But you will lose your turn if you fail to roll the dice within the time frame. 

Pros of ludo dice:

  • The wait time in Ludo Dice is almost zero. You are matched with your opponent very quickly.
  • You play with real humans and not with a bot.
  • You can play free practice games to improve your skills.
  • You get to win cash rewards almost daily.

Cons of ludo dice:

  • Not building up the right strategy is one of the critical mistakes of Ludo dice
  • Do not have an overconfident attitude that you know this game.

Other Popular Ludo Pocket Apps in India

1. Ludo Club

Ludo Club is one of the most exciting pocket ludo games involving a number of players. No matter where you are, you can quickly join and play with your friends. Once you complete all the levels, you are honored with the title of Ludo king. Works on both iOS and Android. From moving the token to rolling the dice, the Ludo club offers a lot of fun and winnings of up to 10,000 INR daily.

Pros of Ludo Club:

  • Consumes very little data to play
  • It also assists in offline play
  • It enables you to chat with a number of players
  • Improves family time

Cons of Ludo Club:

  • At times, it comes with troubleshooting problems 
  • Cheating has been reported
  • Customer support is not very effective

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2. Ludo Empire

The Ludo Empire offers real money by playing with multiple real-time players. This ludo pocket app involves competing with competitors, climbing the leaderboards, and winning up to 20,000 cash prizes. This app is free from bugs, and you can earn more bonuses with a referral. 

Pros of Ludo Empire:

  • Ludo Empire enables offers real cash games.
  • Available for iOS and Android 
  • Offers high-quality 3D graphics
  • Sign-up bonus of Rs.10

Cons of Ludo Empire:

  • More than one crore players compete daily for the cash prize
  • Poor customer service 

3. Ludo – Win Cash Game

The Ludo Win Cash game is a fun multiplayer pocket ludo game that involves four players. Roll the dice, plan the strategy, and rule over this game. It is a fun game that can be played anywhere worldwide. 

Pros of Ludo – Win cash game:

  • Play real money games
  • Offers lucrative rewards
  • It works on the No deposit formula

Cons of Ludo- Win cash game:

  • Mostly involves a bot playing as the opponent
  • It comes with an annoying ad at the end
  • If an opponent quits the game in between, then you are not declared a winner

4. Ludo King

An immensely entertaining and popular game, Ludo King, is one of the fastest-downloaded pocket Ludo apps to date. The interface is straightforward, and players can play without an internet connection.

While Ludo King doesn’t offer real money, you can win coins and diamonds in the games, which are virtual currencies. You can use the virtual currency to purchase in-app features such as themes.

Pros of Ludo King:

  • Offers free games
  • 6-player multiplayer modes
  • Voice chat feature
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Tournament, Quick, and Team-Up modes 

Cons of Ludo King:

  • This game, at times, lands you at a disadvantage when you are leading the game
  • The user generally knows who will win the game. It is easy to predict with this game.
  • It mainly involves bots rather than actual players.

5. Indian Ludo

Get this Pocket Ludo game installed with just a click. Presenting Indian Ludo, an all-in-one, super entertaining game for all ludo lovers. This fun game involves multiplayer action and can be played on any device. 

Pros of Indian ludo:

  • Indian Ludo works offline, too
  • Features play or pass mode
  • Creates room for players
  • The app comes in only black color, which sometimes makes it dull.

Cons of Indian Ludo:

  • The dice of Indian ludo is not at all random. It displays the number it wants 
  • It comes with an algorithm that is already set
  • Numbers are majorly duplicated

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6. Ludo SuperStar

Ludo Superstar is another Ludo pocket app that needs no introduction. This game involves more than one player and can be played with friends and family. It is packed with strategy and healthy competition. 

Pros of Ludo Superstar:

  • The voice chat facility connects you with your opponents
  • Designed for both beginners and experienced 
  • Comes with the latest update

Cons of Ludo Superstar

  • Comparatively slow, where even for just rolling the dice, the app takes quite long
  • Many users report that this app is not fair
  • Bot plays the majority of the time instead of real players

Why Play Pocket Ludo Online Games?

You have some spare time and want to spend that in an entertaining way. What is better than immersing in the entertaining pocket ludo games with modern twists? Wondering why you should play pocket ludo online games? Here’s why:

  • First, there’s the unbeatable convenience factor. Forget about setting up a physical board or chasing after friends to play with—your mobile device brings the game to your fingertips anytime, anywhere.
  • Now, let’s talk about the thrill of real money games. Pocket Ludo lets you up the stakes, adding an extra layer of excitement and competition. You’re not just playing for fun but to win real cash!
  • What makes it even more exciting is the diverse range of opponents you encounter. Real players with their own skills keep the game dynamic and unpredictable. There are no more predictable moves—every match is a unique challenge.
  • Unlike the traditional game, Pocket Ludo features twists and tweaks that keep you on your toes. It’s not just about rolling the dice and moving your pieces—strategy, surprises, and a lot of fun are packed into each game.
  • Speaking of pace, these games are lightning-fast. No more waiting for your turn or enduring long stretches of downtime. Pocket Ludo is about quick, action-packed rounds that keep you engaged and entertained.


Is it safe to play pocket Ludo online?

Yes, playing pocket ludo online is safe; however, if you are playing real money earning games online, you must always choose a reliable and trusted ludo pocket app like MPL Ludo. Some states in India do not allow playing online cash games.

How many players can be accommodated in a pocket ludo?

Around 2 to 4 players can easily play online pocket ludo games.

Does it allow people to win money?

Most pocket Ludo apps offer real cash prizes, while some offer free games for leisure and practice. One of the best apps for playing Ludo pocket games and winning real cash prizes is MPL Ludo.

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